3 Worst Wall Art Choices for your Homes

3 Worst Wall Art Choices for your Homes

 Bad Art - 3 worst wall art choices for your homes

Choosing a wall art or a series of wall arts for your homes is always the cherry on top when you are redecorating. Deciding which wall art to choose for a space is more tedious than you believe and for most, choosing BAD art can ruin an entire space – even a gorgeous furniture can’t salvage you from the impending doom. There is bad art choice and then there’s just utter disaster… We’re doing a run down on the worst possible mistakes you make when choosing your wall art for your home.


  1. GENERIC ART of famous artists… ugh talk about anticlimactic. Don’t get us wrong Van Gogh’s Starry Night or The Mona Lisa is still incredibly stunning, they are masterpieces that has lasted through the years. However, you can’t discount the fact that there is something utterly cheesy in choosing these kinds of artworks for your home, there is that lingering feeling that it is just a dupe, thus really taking away the value of it. A clear exception would be authentic old paintings, we are also in love with those. 
  1. MASS PRODUCED ABSTRACTS AND PHOTOGRAPHY. It’s honestly difficult to explain why a wall art just doesn’t work, but with mass produced abstracts and photography there’s just an incessant feel that they only exist as FILLERS, not a focal point or doesn’t really translate what art should be able to do in your space… there is no story, no personality and nothing to discuss about these art pieces. 
  2. CHEAP TYPOGRAPHY. We can’t emphasize this enough… everyone has to calm down with these typography wall art pieces. It was a huge trend for the past years, but we would shut it down altogether. They’re cheesy and just doesn’t look as artistic as they should, most of the times they just look straight up messy… our exception though would be if the typography is something compelling, funny or something that just relates to you… if it will just be another cheesy random quote, we’d say skip it.


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