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Earn passive income by promoting Gallery Wallrus +

There is a rumour that passive income doesn't actually exist but it does with Gallery Wallrus as we have the easiest, fastest sign up referral program you could imagine.  You don't need any Affiliate Marketing experience to become one of our Promoters.  If you have a blog or a social media following or just would like to refer some friends then you can receive commission immediately for promoting Gallery Wallrus and it takes a few seconds to sign up! 

Sign up to the Gallery Wallrus Affiliate Program +

Sign up now by entering your name and email within the link below:

Join the Gallery Wallrus Affiliate Program

OR simply contact us at affiliates@gallerywallrus.com and we'll sign you up in a flash.  Our very uncomplicated affiliate program will provide you with a unique link to post online or send to friends & followers.  You will then receive 20% commission for every art print purchased by customers who followed your affiliate link.  

Tips for combined commission & discounts +

     Psst.... You can act as an affiliate if you are an artist with Gallery Wallrus, earning affiliate commission AND artist royalties simultaneously! 

     Psst Again.... We also don't mind if you use your own affiliate link to buy prints and you'll receive the 20% commission! 

 One final secret..... If you get lucky with a "Spin the wheel" discount or freebie then you can still combine this with the affiliate link so that you can double up on savings and earnings! 

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