Eclectic Symmetry: Why Gallery Wall Grids are the new Interior Design Trend

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Traditional Gallery Wall designs can sometimes look a little “higgledy-piggledy” and quite the opposite of Minimalism.  Not only this, the Tetris style grid is time consuming and awkward to design and physically complete – it’s almost never as easy as you think it’s going to be.  Over the years we’ve seen many gallery walls, and there are some stunning designs out there.  It’s quite common for a gallery wall to have a bohemian, vintage type look and they go super well in homes that already have an eclectic type feel.  You know the types of homes that we are talking about, the ones on Pinterest that have a plush, regal velvet sofa, with a geometric patterned tile floor, a mid-century modern cabinet, a cherry blossom pink vase on a chalk painted mustard bookshelf full of old novels.... all surrounded by an inside tropical forest of hanging baskets.   And whilst this look is ultra appealing, not many homes actually look this in real life.  Most stylish homes nowadays have a more contemporary, minimalist feel with a few elements of eclectic features. 

So along comes the gallery wall grid design which fills the wall with a stunning collection of art prints in a cohesive, symmetrical design.  Although the wall is covered essentially in a lot of “things”, it lends itself to a more minimalist look.  However, the art prints themselves can be any type of design, which is where you can showcase your eclectic, bohemian or even eccentric side!   Yes you can go as wild as you like because a gallery wall grid design will automatically pull it back into a more contemporary, clean look. The best of both worlds!  You can have a gallery wall that is both urban AND chic, bohemian AND contemporary, eclectic AND minimalist!  And you can balance out the artwork with right level of provocativeness and humour with sophistication and classiness to match your existing home design and personal taste.  It's all about balance as they say. 

Here at Gallery Wallrus we take out the hassle of trying to shop around for identical sized prints so that you can create your very own gallery wall.  You might decide to go very contemporary and sophisticated with a pure black & white gallery wall.  Or perhaps you want to mix things up with various vintage, bohemian, urban and pop art style prints.  Throw a couple of animal pictures and your favourite hobby or interest in the mix and you have your very own personalised, stunning gallery wall, effortlessly.  

To find out which art prints go well together you can use the Wishlist function on the website, adding and discarding images to create your ultimate favourite gallery wall collection.  Browsing but not ready to buy?  Simply email yourself the Wish list and come back later to complete your purchase.  We also have worldwide printing & shipping and it will usually cost just a few dollars or sometimes even free to receive the art prints, wherever you are in the world. Want a Gallery Wall?  Think Gallery Wallrus!

Would you like to buy a whole collection from one of our gallery wall grid designs above?  If so, we are happy to create the order manually for you!  Just email us at

Please note that all art prints can be framed in any square frame, it does not have to be 16"x16".  One frame that works well is the Ikea Ribba frame with a matboard included.  They are sold in 63 countries and cost $15 or the equivalent.  We have framing tips for this particular frame in our FAQs section:!how-to-frame-the-artwork-in-the-ribba-or-lomviken-frames-from-ikea





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  • I have a “higgledy pickledy” gallery wall at home! MUCH harder than I thought it would be to create and the outcome is not as nice as I’d hoped. Wish I had done a gallery wall grid design now! :(

    • helloswirl
  • Would be good if you could buy these pre selected gallery wall designs with one click rather than searching – just a suggestion!

    • chrismnm
  • Just bought 6 prints from the abstract and patterns collections and very excited to make the gallery wall :)

    • AnnaInteriors
  • Wow LOVE these gallery wall grids! I want the vintage industrial one, it’s so awesome!

    • Courtnay84