Framing Tips for Gallery Wallrus Square Art Gallery Wall Grids


Why do we specialize in 16” x 16” size prints?

We offer 16" x 16" (40.64cm) sized prints because we think it’s they are perfect size and dimension for a gallery wall art display.   We also think that square shaped frames arranged in a symmetrical gallery wall grid is the most stunning look for a gallery wall (as well as being the easiest to create).  

You don't have to arrange different size style frames on a wall like Tetris to create an eclectic style gallery wall, as our Gallery Wall collections are nothing if not eclectic; with styles such as vintage, bohemian, pop art and 90's rave. 

Are larger sizes or different dimensions available?

Yes, we offer a range of sizes and dimensions within various collections. 

What is the size of the image itself?

For the square art print collection, the size of the image itself (not including the white border) is 10.85" x 10.85" / 27.5cm.  

Don't worry if the matboard opening is slightly larger or smaller than the image.  If the matboard opening is slightly larger than the image then it will create a bevelled / double matboard effect.  If the matboard opening is slightly smaller than the image then it will "crop" it slightly.  All of the Gallery Wallrus images allow for slight cropping if required. 

Where to buy frames?

The best way to purchase frames is from your local homeware store.  Frames are quite heavy so by shopping in person rather than online you are saving on the delivery costs. You can also evaluate the quality, style and practicality of the picture frame at the time of purchase to avoid disappointment.  

One of the options available is the  Ikea Ribba Frames sold in 63 countries. 


Your local framer can also provide a nice quality framing service but it will be more expensive. 

What sized frames?

The secret news is that because our prints include a generous white border you don’t necessarily need to buy 16" x 16" frames, you can actually buy slightly smaller square frames such as 14”x14” or even 12” x 12” inch for example, you just have to cut the print to fit the frame.    


You also use larger frames, 18” x 18” or 20" x 20"  but you will need a matboard.  It can either be a small opening, so that the image is "cropped" and the print will appear quite small in the center of the frame.  Or it can be a wider opening, and it will appear as if there is a double mat board.  

The Ikea Ribba frame is 50cm x 50cm / 19 ¾ " x 19 ¾ and has a matboard opening of  11 ½ " x 11 ½ ".  Bearing in mind the image size of a Gallery Wallrus print is 10.85" x 10.85" there will be a small inner opening of just under 1cm creating a stunning bevelled or double matboard look. 

Are mat boards needed?

All of our 16” x 16” prints include a generous white border so a mat board is not needed.  However, if you wanted to add a mat board it will enhance the quality of the piece.   You can buy frames with mat boards already included in the frame, or you can buy them separately. Traditionally, the mat board inner would  sit just slightly overlapping the edge of the image itself by just a few millimeters so that  you don't see the start of the white border included in the print. This is called "cropping the image". 

Is cropping necessary?

Most matboard advice online will recommend cropping the image but we don't think it's necessary with gallery wallrus prints.  If you were to buy a square 16" x 16" frame with a mat board included then usually the window opening would be 12" x 12" opening.  This is bigger than the image size with Gallery Wallrus prints.  You can either discard the mat board or keep it, it's just that there will be an additional, inner white border of just over 0.5".  This only adds to the quality of the look as it will appear as if there is a double or bevel matboard.  

* Please note that for the best look the matboard itself should be white, not cream.  

What is the largest and smallest sized frames that will work with Gallery Wallrus prints?

We bought a 50cm x 50cm Ribba frame 14.99EUR and a 32cm x 32cmLomviken frame  9EUR.

Both the frames were purchased from Ikea in Europe but are available in Ikea stores worldwide:

The larger Ribba frame had a matboard included and the image is smaller than the matboard opening.  We taped the image to the back of the matboard and created a double / bevel matboard look.

How to frame the artwork in the Ribba or Lomviken frames from Ikea +

Ribba 14.99EUR 50cm x 50cm 

This frame is larger than the print but comes with a matboard.  You can tape the print to the back of the matboard.  The image itself its very slightly smaller than the matboard opening but it creates a stylish double matboard / bevelled look. 

To line up the image accurately for the Ribba frame we recommend to lay the backboard first, with the smooth side up.  Then on top lay the Gallery Wallrus print in the middle.  Then line up the matboard on top and adjust the print if it is slightly off centre.  Then grasp all 3 layers tightly and turn over.  Remove the backboard carefully and then secure the print in place by gently taping the corners of the print to the back of the matboard.  Turn over again to make sure that the image is still lined up perfectly before continuing to tape the outer edges of the print to the matboard.  

The Lomviken 9EUR 32" x 32"

The smaller Ikea frame Lomviken had a matboard that we discarded.  We then cut the image border to fit the frame.  The matmoard could have been kept but it means that the image would have been extremely cropped, leaving a much smaller image. 

How to flatten the prints?

We recommend the method of rolling the prints the opposite way using the tissue paper and tube they were delivered in.  You can find more detailed instructions here:

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