Give Art Prints as Gifts

The joy is in giving rather than receiving and a set of Gallery Wallrus art prints is such a cool, creative and special gift.  The gift receiver will be warmed and delighted by your efforts in choosing the perfect art prints for them based on their style or interests or the person can create a wishlist (below). 


You can either order the prints to your home address, which will give you the opportunity to hide the price and wrap the gift.  Alternatively, you can send the art prints directly to the persons address but unfortunately there is no option for removal of the price on the label and you won't be able to add a personalized gift note or gift wrapping unfortunately. 

Gift Vouchers 

We think that a Gallery Wallrus gift voucher is perfect for Birthdays, Christmas, graduation or best of all, housewarming gifts!   You can order ready to print gift vouchers from here and give in a gift a card. The gift receiver gets to choose their favorite art prints, which is a delightful experience in itself!   

Please note that unfortunately the delivery cost can't be prepaid or included in the voucher due to variations in shipping prices depending on location or choice of courier / postal service.  However, the delivery costs are very low, usually just a few dollars or sometimes even free! 

Gallery Wall Wishlist

The gift receiver can create a gallery wall wishlist and email it straight across to the person to the person buying the art prints:

Gallery Wall Wishlist

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