Office and Company Wall Art Ideas: Creating an Inspired Space for Business


Adding a touch of art to office walls can be very rewarding. May it be a big office space or a home office, art can definitely help boost productivity and creativity in your business.


Research says that art in the workplace helps businesses address key challenges such as reducing stress, increasing creativity and encouraging expression of opinions.


Art offers respite to employees from routine activities, motivates them to think creatively and can play an important role in setting the tone of the culture the company promotes in the office.


So if you've decided to give your office an artsy touch, be rest assured, it's worth every investment. To help you make the decision here are some tips that can help you get moving in the right direction.


  1. Plan the overall look

Integrate the art pieces with your existing office look or if you’re planning to redecorate make sure that you have a mood board to help you decide on the art you will be choosing.


  1. Sync your pieces

Choosing a common theme from furniture to wall art to rug. It will be extra inspired if you choose a theme that reflects your company philosophy or the industry your business is in. Start with a vision and decide your color palette.

  1. Go neutral

Working with different kinds of people, its vital to be sensitive when choosing art. Understand right away that the office art should not just be for you or your preference, and there are high instances of having guests and important clients over. Stay away from religious and political art. Opt for neutral pieces of art that are more focused on motivating employees to work well and infusing energy into their work life.

  1. Decide your Color Palette

Most offices have a color scheme that is usually inspired by a company logo. An overall color scheme will instill brand love and company love among employees.

  1. Focus on Sizes and Positioning

Think about which art will be best for every office area. While wall art is an amazing way to add character to a space and an excellent conversation starter, it can get distracting if placed inappropriately. Large, colorful artwork is more suited for cafeterias while intriguing artwork is apt for conference rooms and meeting areas. For common work areas, it's better to go simple and opt for something that is not too busy. If there is a large area to cover, you might want to consider a series of art work.

  1. Consider a Customized Wall Art

 Many Offices like to create graphic art with their logos and corporate colours to add a unique touch to their interiors. A good example would be Google, Facebook and Twitter.


Leo Burnett featured a lovely piece of custom art comprising of a sketch of the company's founder spread across the walls and floor, wielding a scaled-up model of a pencil.


Enjoy decorating your office! Check out our eclectic wall art collections, we have gallery walls and large wall art that might inspire you!


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