Replacing the Cutesy with Cool: A personalized non-cheesy Gallery Wall

There is art and there are interests, not usually would you combine the two.  Why not?  Because most subject matters are not artsy or cool.  Take “pugs” for example, a dog breed loved around the world.  It’s certainly not difficult to find a cutesy annual calendar with pugs in different costumes however, it is what it is..... novelty.   But what if you could combine your love for pugs with your artistic taste?  You can find some vintage, pop art and funny yet cool pug art prints here.   However, we are not just talking about pugs, we are embracing this philosophy across all passions, pets, hobbies & interests.

Do you love Rugby, knitting, coffee, martial arts, fishing, snowboarding?  Everyone has a few things they love in life but wouldn’t necessarily think of associating it with artwork.  However we think that if you are passionate about something then why not include that thing as part of your gallery wall? 

We have created abstract, vintage, bohemian and eclectic style art prints based on various hobbies, interests and animals that we think people are interested in and we are always open to new ideas.  If there is a particular thing that you would like a Gallery Wallrus art print of, which isn’t already for sale on our website then feel free to get in touch.  Email us at and we might be able to create that art print especially for you!  The best news is that there is absolutely no commitment from your side, we simply send you a link to the print once created and you decide if you want to buy it or not.  There is absolutely no obligation because if you don’t buy it then it is still available on our website in case other customers might be interested.   If we can create it, we will aim to deliver it within 24 hours but it can sometime be even sooner!

Can you make golf cool?  If you are an artist who creates cool artwork based on specific subject matters then we would be delighted to hear from you too!   Just contact us at and we will be delighted to send you more information about Royalties and T&C’s.  

We are not suggesting that you should create a whole gallery wall containing your favourite hobbies or interests however, if you have cool motorbike image as part of an eclectic, cohesive gallery wall then what’s the harm?  Every time you look at your gallery wall several times a day then you will remember your passion in life and that is just awesome!









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