Where does the art come from?

How is the artwork sourced? +

The art is sourced from various artists and photographers.  We credit the original artist or photographer on every print online and also offer royalties. 

Can I submit my artwork or photography? +

We offer royalties to the original artist or photographer and welcome submissions.  If you are an artist or photographer and would like your work to part of a collection at Gallery Wallrus then please contact us at: artists@gallerywallrus.com

Please note that our terms and conditions will require you to allow us to edit the image at least in terms of dimensions. We would also usually modify the image (more so if photography) to suit one or more of the collections such as vintage, bohemian, pop art, rave.  However, you can chose to opt out of having your artwork or photography modified if you prefer. 

Can I submit an idea for a print? +

Absolutely, we want your creative ideas!  If there is a particular type of image that you are looking for but isn't available on our site then please contact us at ideas@gallerywallrus.com  and we might be able to create a print especially for you!  There would be no obligation to buy it though - we would simply create it, load it onto to our website and send you the link.  If you like it, feel free to buy it!  

How long does it take to create the print I requested? +

It could be as soon as 1 hour!  If you need it fast then let us know.  Otherwise, we will aim for 24 hours (which is still pretty fast!) 

Can I submit family photo's? +

We now offer personalised portraits!  

See our Personalized collection! 


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