Oversized Art or Gallery Wall Grid? How to fill a large empty wall space...


You know that feeling when you look at a large blank wall, and get an urgent desire to fill it with something?    Well the main 2 options are either art or wallpaper but who knows how to do the task of wallpapering?  Plus, you can spend as much on wallpapering, if not more, it’s a tremendous hassle, difficult to create a professional finish, unless of course you pay a professional.  A few years later and the wall paper is peeling off or looking quite old fashioned and you’re back to square one.


So let’s assume that wallpaper has been ruled out and you are going down the art route.  Do you go for one large piece of artwork or a gallery wall?  We weigh up the pros and cons for you...


So, let’s start with a large or oversized piece of art:


Large Art Piece Pro’s

  • A large piece of artwork can be a valuable investment, which increases over time
  • Large art pieces Can be very striking and impactful in the room
  • Oversized art is suited to very large open spaces with large furniture and other items
  • Can create an air of sophistication and expensiveness
  • Buying original art supports true artists


Large Art Piece Con’s

  • Can be very expensive depending on the piece you choose and frame if required
  • With such a large investment on one piece of art, it can be tricky to make the decision.  Firstly you would really have to fall in love with the piece, and feel happy to spend the money.  You have to think about what is going to compliment the style and colours of the room, long term.
  • Can be difficult and expensive to get the piece of art delivered
  • Framing (if required) can be tricky and very expensive
  • Risk of damage (although insurance is possible).


Gallery Wall Grid Pro’s

  • Inexpensive compared to a large piece of artwork usually.
  • Not as difficult to make a decision on just one piece of art. You can select many different pieces of art and if you decide that you don’t like any of them in the future, you can just replace the artwork and keep the frame
  • Framing is easy and inexpensive.  The 50cm x50cm Ikea Ribba frame is one of the options, it only costs $14.99 and is available in 66 countries!
  • Easy to tie in with existing and future decor style because you just choose the colours and styles that will compliment the room.
  • Can be a very striking look that is pleasing to the eye with the balance between symmetry and eclectic design, especially if choosing a gallery wall grid from Gallery Wallrus.
  • It’s more interesting to look at a variety of different images and see how they work together cohesively.  Guests will take a longer time looking and admiring the wall, rather than just glancing at one piece of art.


Gallery Wall Grid Con’s

  • The artwork would not be a valuable investment, unless are buying a large assortment of smaller original artwork pieces.  This might work with a traditional gallery wall, but not with a gallery wall grid because it would be too difficult to get the exact same sizes, dimensions and printing method.
  • Not as suitable for gigantic open spaces, where the furniture is oversized and well spaced out.
  • Not quite as dramatic or striking as a very oversized piece of art in a very large room or wall space.


We are huge advocates of filling that empty wall space with something cool, whether that be wallpaper, oversized original art, a gallery wall grid, or perhaps even a beautiful large mirror.  We think you should choose the artwork you love, suits your personal style and home decor design and also something priced right so that you feel comfortable with spending the money.  We also think that it should be a fun and creative process and we wish you success in turning your blank wall space into something spectacular!



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