Can Cheap Art Look Expensive?

can cheap art look expensive?

How many people do you know who have expensive, original art hanging on their walls worth thousands of dollars?  If you move in those types of circles then great for you, but we don’t imagine it’s the norm.  Could you tell the difference between an original paining, compared to a reproduction or a local amateur artist?  Well collectors of art may not even be able to tell the difference and art lovers who can afford it benefit from the resell price.  Expensive, original art is an investment – it can be resold for close to the price paid or sometimes much more, like any type of investment such as gold, property, stocks and shares. 

For those of us that don’t have a bank balance that could be described as envious, but are interested in having a fabulous home with interesting features and decoration then a cheaper alternative is much needed.  But is it possible to create an expensive look for a fraction of the price?  Well yes, absolutely!

Here at Gallery Wallrus we love cool, eclectic and bohemian style wall art and we have handpicked some of the best designs which don’t cost the earth.  Best of all, we ship worldwide so the wall art is available to all!  A boutique art gallery based in Gibraltar, but with suppliers and artists worldwide – we have a unique blend catered to eclectic, funky, boho decor styles unlike many generic art sites.  Check out our range of gallery walls, large, oversized artwork and hand painted art from our talented artists worldwide!  Plus wall decor including stickers, self adhesive wall paper and vintage industrial shelving and lighting.  Also pop culture posters, personalized art and square artwork to create your own symmetrical gallery wall grid!

★★★ If you are looking to make even more savings then check out our offers page for a range of discounts, special offers and prizes! ★★★

Framing can also be cheap -  you don't need to go to a professional framer or buy framed art (this is very expensive to ship unfortunately).  Your local home décor store such as Ikea has a great range of frames in a variety of sizes and you can evaluate the quality whilst instore. If you are creating a gallery wall then you can either opt for the same style frame for every print or completely mix it up with a range of vintage and bohemian frames for an ultra eclectic look! 


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