How to design a gallery wall to match your home decor style

How to design a gallery wall to match your home decor style


Your home is a reflection of you and your personal taste.  Are you a creative type who loves colour, vintage or eclectic patterns and textures and unique furniture?  Or do you have a more sleek, sophisticated, minimalist taste?  Is your home hipster and fun, or mature and classy?  A gallery wall can not only be tailored to match your individual taste but can also complement a room in so many ways.  A gallery wall is the ultimate stamp on personal style and can add intrigue and vibrancy to a blank space.


We have highlighted just a few styles and suggestions for the type of gallery wall would complement them:


Contemporary Minimalist

If you like a clean, contemporary look with order, cohesion and no clutter you definitely want to avoid a “higgledy pickledy” type of gallery wall.  We are talking about the ones with many different colours and sizes of frames with random artwork that doesn’t match.  We would suggest the following types of gallery walls for you:

  • A gallery wall grid made up of 4 framed art prints but making up just one image. This look is an alternative to a large, oversized piece of artwork but to have a gallery wall instead of one piece of art has certain advantages, see the blog post: Oversized art or Gallery Wall Grid? 
  • Gallery Wall Grid with sleek black or white square frames and very similar matched artwork designs or even the same image in different colours. This creates a very cohesive, symmetrical and eye pleasing look which ties in with your minimalist style.


Vintage Bohemian

In a vintage bohemian type of home then you don’t need to worry so much about being too “higgledy pickledy” so if you want to arrange a gallery wall with different size, colours and vintage frames, along with an array of bohemian and unusual artwork then this is the perfect chance to express your creativity.  However, some vintage style homes can overdo it and although it might appeal to your personal taste, sometimes these types of styles can lose their overall appeal and it can be difficult for the eye to settle when there is too much going on in a room. Here are some ways to combat this:

  • Choose a lighter colour frame such as birch or maybe even a colour (you could paint the frames one colour perhaps or decorate with the Japanese Washi tape.
  • Arrange the gallery wall in a symmetrical grid design with square frames.
  • Express yourself with different styles and colours from the vintage, bohemian, people and animals collection from Gallery Wallrus.


Retro Hipster

A cool, city apartment with exposed brick or concrete walls, and your own unique retro and urban furniture with funky colours.  Your gallery wall can combine the eclectic style with the contemporary coolness. We recommend:

  • A Grid Gallery Wall style with light wood or dark wood frames depending on the wall colour. It’s best to choose the frame colour to contrast the wall, yet also complement the type of artwork.
  • A retro cohesive gallery wall art display such as the Gorilla Vintage Pop Art design or perhaps the Fat Elvis Impersonator 
  • Choose various square art prints from the Urban, pop art, rave, bohemian, people and animals collections.


Grown Up Chic

You love whites, creams and beiges with earth tones and a striking dark bursts of colour with beautiful rugs and soft furnishings.  All of the rooms are cohesive yet cozy, combining the luxury of a hotel with the fluffiness of home.  We suggest:

  • Square frames in black, white, light or dark brown depending on the colour of the wall and the tones of the room.
  • Art prints from the patterns or abstract collections at Gallery Wallrus.


Country Cottage

Warming earth tones, rustic furniture and original wood floors is your effortless style so you definitely don’t want to overdo it with a gallery wall that looks too “try hard”.  For your style we suggest the following:

  • Wooden square rustic wood frames or thin dark wood frames arranged in a simple row or gallery wall grid of 4.
  • Warm colours such as the Earth tones gallery wall grid or choose your own prints with similar colours and styles from the various collections such as animals, vintage or patterns.



Your home is so on trend with metal piping, old solid wood and concrete walls.  An industrial look doesn’t need too much going on so we recommend keeping it simple:

  • A gallery wall grid with square black frames
  • Square art prints from the urban or pop art collections, graffiti style works particularly well with industrial style homes or perhaps one of our classic gallery wall grid designs set in an industrial cafe setting.


Chosen your art prints but not sure about frames?  We do sell square picture frames at Gallery Wallrus but unfortunately at the moment we can’t compete on the prices or from your local homeware store.  The square Ikea Ribba frame is one option that is sold worldwide for example.  Find out more information about frames here


If you like our ideas and would like to collaborate with Gallery Wallrus then please get in touch!  We are looking for Artists, Bloggers, Affliates and creative ideas! Contact Us











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