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10 Amazing Bohemian Girls Gallery Wall Art Prints

Despite simplicity, mix different patterns, fabrics and colors! This bohemian lifestyle, which can be expressed with the words free-spirited, authentic, and colorful in connection with the lifestyle, has became more popular again with the boho chic style that has started to show itself by modernizing today. You can easily apply boho style in interior design as well as in clothes, accessories, and jewelry. We have listed 10 Amazing Bohemian Girls Gallery Wall Art Prints to live in the boho vibe at your home.

If you like boho vibe in home decoration style, please check out the Rachel's Cool Californian Beach House collection! We have came together all the boho chic wall art prints in this collection. You'll definetly love it!


Boho Girl Art Prints Gallery Wall Mix & Match

Here's amazing bohemian girl wall art prints that will match your boho chic home perfectly with the natural tones. These are available in a range of sizes and designs. Great choice to support your home's boho vibe by creating wonderful gallery walls.

from $5.50


Bohemian Girl Gallery Wall Art Prints

You can use this style of gallery wall art prints at homes decorated with two or three tons and enriched with more patterns and fabrics. These wall prints, which will look great in bohemian chic homes as well as homes decorated in modern or Scandinavian style too, are available in a range of sizes.

from $5.50


Plant Lovers Illustration Wall Art Prints

You can use these wonderful illustrated wall art prints to fill office spaces in single and large sizes. You can also create beautiful gallery walls by ordering them in a variety of sizes and designs.

from $6.59


Bohemian Girl Illustration Wall Art Gallery Prints

This bohemian girl wall art collection contains all the pieces needed to create a amazing gallery wall, will go well with bright houses furnished in a single tone. You can combine these art prints with powerfully designed frames of different sizes and double up the boho vibe of your home.

from $6.59


Bohemian Summer Women Illustration Gallery Wall Prints

It will be very easy to add color to your walls and home with these colorful wall art prints.  If you like funny and also amazing wall art prints, you can fill your walls with these wonderful pieces. You can use white or black frames to combine with these art prints, isn't it great!

from $5.99


Abstract Bohemian Plant Lovers Art Pictures

These wall art prints created with very vibrant colors, and it will be a great choice for your bedroom. Combine these already multicolored wall art frames with IKEA's cool and budget-friendly white frames!

from $5.99


Girls Who Loves Plants Bohemian Art Pictures

You can use these wall art prints in all rooms at your home, don't limit your gallery wall design ideas with just the living room! It will also be a great choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and be a funny and colorful choice for office rooms if you really interested in creativity.

from $5.99


Abstract Illustration Girl Wall Art Prints

Abstract illustration girl wall art prints are created by using pastel color tones, and they are ideal for modern designed homes far from the traditional. It will also look great above the brown leather sofas at industrial style homes. That's your choice!

from $6.59


Purple & Blue Palette Hipster Boho Girl Paintings Gallery Wall Mix & Match

Unlike the bright and colorful wall art prints on the list, these art prints dominated by purple and dark blue tones can be preferred in modern living rooms, and can also be great for teen rooms! It might be cool to combine these wall art prints with frames in black or dark tones!

from $14.99


Mix & Match Hipster Girl Art Prints for Gallery Wall

Hipster girl wall art prints are available in a range of sizes and designs. Maybe you can match each design with a friend and create an iconic gallery wall on your walls, wouldn't it be a lot of fun?

from $7.69

You've picked your favorite boho girls wall art prints from the list and are you looking for cheerful frames to create a gallery wall? We have put together cool and cheapy IKEA frames for your interest. You can combine black or white picture frames with these amazing boho girls wall art prints (with free global shipping! ✈). Order the IKEA frames online or Pick up in your local store to create wonderful gallery walls. 

Here's a tip for designing a small gallery wall in the easiest way:

You can take a look at KNOPPÄNG model with black and white color options, if you want some slimmer frame style. And also SILVERHÖJDEN model can give you more funky vibes with silver and gold colors. If you are looking for a more comprehensive guide about how to frame art prints, please be sure to check out Complete Guide to Pairing Gallery Wallrus Art Prints with IKEA Frames! 

Are you looking for curated, beautiful styles that are easy to hang? Check out our gallery walls here.

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