12 Ideas For Wall Decor Above The Sofa

Everyone has a extra comfortable sofa where they spend the best times at home. Check out these amazing ideas to fill the above of your wonderful sofa you loved so much. You can use more than one together.

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Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are a great idea if you need to show your space a little bit bigger or wider. We have listed mirrors framed with different materials. You can design the whole wall with mirrors or decorate your walls by mixing them with wall art prints. There is a mirror style that is simple, stylish and appeals to many interior decoration styles.



One Big Size Art

Having one large piece of art is the most classic way to decorate the wall above the sofa. It is perhaps the most risk-free way to fill your space, because you don't have to think about small details and colors. Look at Gallery Wallrus Homepage to find more amazing wall art prints in a range of sizes.



Abstract Gallery Wall Art Prints

Abstract wall arts will double the modern feel of your home. You can create amazing gallery walls on your walls with abstract works in different patterns and designs. You can visit the Gallery Wallrus Homepage to find more gallery walls with amazing prices and high qualities...

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Cover Up with Wall Murals

One of the greatest options that will make your walls speak with their color and texture are wall murals. It is possible to find a wall mural that will appeal to every interior decoration style. There are lots of quality and budget-friendly wallpapers that will add a different vibe to your home decor. 

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Travel Around the World

Fill above the your favorite sofa with these wonderful wall art prints that will bring beautiful views from the world into your home. Photos from the places you have visited or a photo gallery from that place you want to go will be great. One of the great ways to create gallery walls...

MOre travel arts


Art Gallery Display

For the perfect wall decor above the sofa, you can combine your favorite artworks and mix them with other wall decoration items we've added to the list. Don't forget to visit our EXTRA's page for our great tips and ideas for gallery walls and frames...

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A Living Wall Decor

A very modern and trendy wall decor alternative. You can achieve the vision even in smaller spaces. We added artificial plant options from Gallery Wallrus, but you can use living ones too. Use macrame plant hangers to catch boho vibe on your walls. 

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String Lights

There is something magical in the string lights. Maybe because of the Christmas association or simply because they just bring some cozy mood. You can make them even more special as adding them clips with your photos. We added some ideas for hanging...

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Pop of Colour

Let's have some fun too! To give joy to your home with pop colors. Bring Andy Warhol wind to your home with these amazing pop art designs. Don't forget to smash the button for more pop art wall art designs. They ALL are with budget friendly prices and high qualities...

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Boho Wall Decor

We have also listed bohemian wall decoration products for you. You can fill your walls by bringing these wonderful products together. Or you can make beautiful designs by mixing this wall decoration products with amazing wall art prints.

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Clean and Simple

Gallery walls are one of the best ways to add your personality to your home decorating style, and there are many styles for that. The most risk-free way is to create gallery walls with minimal designs. In addition, minimal wall art prints suit any home and interior design style. Sophisticated and adaptable vision in each interior style.

MORE mınımal arts


Colorful Tapestries

The most popular wall decoration product of nowadays, tapestries. There are dozens of different design options and sizes for each. The trendiest option for filling above your favorite sofas and beds.  Choose the most suitable one among the wonderful designs and hang it right away, it has never been so easy to color up your walls.