5 Easy Ways to Design a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are here to stay, but let’s face it: your home is a unique space with its own charms and challenges.

Here are five easy gallery wall styles, one of which is sure to fit the space you have in mind - not to mention your personal style. After all, a gallery wall brings the many dimensions of who you are - from wedding photos to vintage postcards - together into a cohesive whole. With these styles, you’re sure to find the right fit. Here are five of our favorite gallery walls.

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The Grid

An arrangement of 6, 9 or 12 identically-sized frames

+Perfect if: you want to precisely fill the space above a couch, headboard, or dining room table.

+Think about: picking one classic frame style for a sleek, uniform look and considering a theme for your grid, such as travel photos, wedding photos, or art prints.


The Column

A vertically-stacked arrangement of 4 to 6 frames

+Perfect if: you have a narrow wall next to a door or window. The vertical gallery wall works wonders in tight spaces.

+Think about: mixing up frame styles, mixing metals, and varying the frame sizes to add visual interest.


The Salon

  A floor-to-ceiling arrangement of small pieces collected over time

+Perfect if: you have an alcove or nook you’d like to fill.

+Think about: having one consistent design element to make the space look cohesive - sticking to all wood frames or gold frames, or keeping the tones in your art consistent.


The Ledge

A grouping of 3 to 5 framed pieces leaned against one another on a shallow wall shelf

+Perfect if: you like to change your décor regularly.

+Think about: mixing up the sizes and nature of the pieces to keep it multidimensional.


The Classic

A grouping of 5 to 10 framed pieces organically placed in a grouping

+Perfect if: you want to start fresh and know exactly the space you're looking to fill.

+Think about: pieces in different sizes, dimensions, and styles to give the gallery wall a collected feel.

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