7 Ideas for Art Print Gifts

"Find the best gift in every style"

You have decided that buying art as a housewarming gift is a great idea, and now it's time to choose the best for your loved ones. So, what do you need to know about the interior design style of their home in order to choose the right artwork? 

First of all, the first thing you should think about is what style do they have? Does their home have a chic and contemporary feel or is it full of colors and different textures? But what if you have no idea about their home interior design styles? Consider their fashion taste to give you an idea of ​​what they enjoy. What colors do they wear? Do they like to dress classic, bold, casual or sporty? If you're not sure about that, think about their personalities to give you an idea of ​​their home. In the rest of this article, we have prepared collections of different styles, for the great housewarming art gifts!


For the Boho Lovers

Macrame wall hangers, woven baskets, and hanging plants are must-haves for a modern stylish boho home. Bohemian ethnic lines can also be in the foreground, you can see a handwoven rug on the floor, and an old instrument on the wall. When you enter such a house, your eyes may get tired from the complexity of colors, but after a while you will see how much pleasure it gives.



For the Industrial Design Lovers

It is very easy to recognize an industrial style house with leather sofas and dark toned furniture, and of course the most suitable wall art is graffiti. Game themes, architectural visuals, city maps and more. You can order artwork individually or in sets. Industrial style artwork will be such a unique and cool gift!



For the Minimalism Lovers

Less is more! See wall art prints for minimalist interior design with less furniture, and usually similar tones. It's up to you to find the best for your friends based on their home's vibes and colors. Click to reach more at Gallery Wallrus with minimalist art tag.


For the Movie & Music Lovers

A gallery wall with cult movies is movie buffs dream. Sound familiar? Lyrics and album covers that we know by heart from classical singers and bands are also among Gallery Wallrus wall art prints. Let's see, it's time to test what your loved ones like!



For the Traditionalists

For more traditional interior design taste, the best choice is classic wall art prints. We have created a collection of gallery wall art prints of famous Monet paintings and beautiful landscapes. Your loved ones will love these amazing artworks!


For the Pop Art Lovers

Pop Art, which takes its material from everyday objects and treats life as a raw material in a sense, expresses the transformation of the popular into art. The first name that many of us think of when it comes to Pop Art is undoubtedly Andy Warhol. Maybe they already have this trend, get the Pop Art vibe to their home with these awesome wall art prints!


For Families with Children

Perhaps it's easier to buy gifts for children than your friends! Any wall art print will look good in a colorful children's room or playroom. We have collected educational and also funny wall art prints for you. After taking a look at these, you will be ready to find the right child's art gift!


You must have found the right artwork amongst so many options! Now is the time to frame! You can check out our great blog post about framing for you here. For more wall art print options, you can check out our page in detail here.