7 Awesome Art Quote Styles

What is that one quote which changed your life completely? Have you ever thought about it during your life? People did not say in vain that "spoken words fly away, written words remain". We have brought together inspirational quotes that will guide your life. House rules that have never been spoken but everyone should know, educational quotes for kids, and your favorite lyrics are also on this list. Take a look and make your home talk with these quotes wall arts that will easily fit any style!


Famous Lyrics to Sing the Walls

Everyone loves music! We've listed lyrics from many artists, from Bob Dylan to David Bowie to Leonard Cohen. Maybe these are your favorite songs that you listen everyday without ever getting bored. Enrich your lyrics wall art prints with a photo of your favorite singer.

These art prints are available in a range of sizes. If you plan to hang one large art, you can order it in larger sizes such as 60x90 cm. You can combine these art prints with minimal style IKEA frames in black or white. Using with mount might be a smart choice!


Minimalist Word Definition Arts

Word definitions are very popular right now! You can use these art prints to bring the things that add value to your life to your walls. They adapt to any style and color.

It's an ideal choice for creating gallery walls in a minimalist way, as well as a perfect detail to add to your already existing gallery wall. It can also be presented as a valuable gift for your loved ones. Available in different sizes.


Funny House Rules Quotes

The unwritten rules for sharing a house are now written and don't be surprised that they are waiting to be hung on your walls! In addition, these reminders will make you smile that will motivate you in housework...

We added art prints of housework that need to do, and house rules in different languages. They are ideal for the bathroom, kitchen and the rest of the house. By ordering small sizes, cheer up your relevant spaces with funny reminders at the same time.


Inspirational Quotes

Especially these days, it is not easy for most of us to be motivated and to continue our daily lives like in the past. It is now possible to add inspiration to your walls you look at every day with these inspiring wall art prints of famous thinkers and fictional characters!

With their minimalist designs, they are suitable for mixing and matching with any kind of wall art prints. Available in various sizes, and also different languages. It will look great somewhere in your bedroom where you can see at the moment you wake up. Don't forget to visit the homepage for more motivation ...


Simply LOVE Arts

There are several ways to describe love! But the word itself is a part of our lives. Everyone seeks love, finds, loses and seeks again, this is simply the cycle of life. Love may be the most meaningful word in our lives, of course, deserves to decorate our walls.

Love as a word, love in other languages, other words to describe your love, and more... Available in different sizes. You can order it as a set or buy it individually. Although it is suitable for every room of your home, we think it is a must-have part of bedrooms!


Take Action Quotes

These wall art prints with minimal designs encouring you to take actions will used to create a cool amtosphere in your home! These stereotyped mottos, which have deep meanings with their figurative meanings, will continue to take place first on your walls and then in your life...

It can be a great choice for your study rooms too. Dream that you are so stressful because of the lots of work. Seeing these quotes when you get your head off the table will motivate you or maybe encourage you to take a quick step. Who knows...


BONUS: Nursery Room Quotes Arts

As a bonus, we've added a few quotes wall art prints that can be used for your kids' rooms. Quotes of encouragement and sometimes episodes of fairy tales... Check out these wall art prints that will be indispensable in your kids' rooms...

Available in different sizes. You can easily use these simple designed wall art prints in thematic rooms. Or you can combine it with more arts to create amazing gallery walls. Click here for more kids' room wall arts and decor products at Gallery Wallrus...