8 Must-Haves for an Inspirational Boho Home Look from Gallery Wallrus

"Dreamy, Free-spirited, Authentic"

You just moved into a new home and want to create a boho interior decor style? The main idea of bohemian style at home is to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. There are lots of ways to bring in boho style decor to your space if you like to mixed patterns, fabrics, and colors, also love nature at your home. In order to design your home in boho style, we have listed must-have decoration products from Gallery Wallrus, get some inspiration ideas!


Boho Style Wall Art Prints

The easiest way to enrich your home's interior design with bohemian style is of course to fill your blank walls with amazing gallery wall art prints. Depending on the colors of your furniture, you can choose soft pastel tones or mixed color wall art prints. If you like the boho vibe, please also check out the Rachel's Cool Californian Beach House Collection!

Here's Wonderful and Budget-friendly Boho Style Art Prints from Gallery Wallrus:

Are you looking for more curated wall art prints that are easy to hang? Check out our gallery walls here. Also please take a look at Complete Guide to Pairing Gallery Wallrus Art Prints with IKEA Frames to get some ideas about framing!


Colorful Throw Pillows

Great pillow covers for your living room and bedroom. When comfort is a must, combine your pillows with brightly colored pillow covers. From macrame pillows to linen pillows, there are so many boho style cushions to choose from when decorating. 

Here's Some Amazing Boho Style Cushion Covers from Gallery Wallrus:

Pillows are ideal for creating a strong boho style home designed with a single tone. Also, the more pillows, the more comfortable the chairs! Be sure to check here for more Pillow Covers options.


Macrame Wall Hanging Decor

Macrame is a knotting technique for creating cool textiles, also they are favorite wall hangings for filling blank walls with boho style. Macrame wall hangers can be used in different styles and for different purposes. It is the coolest addition to your plants in your home, on your balconies, and also in your garden.

Here's Some Ideas for Using Macrames on Walls from Gallery Wallrus:

An effortless way to create a boho style at home is definitely with macrame wall hangings, you must be thinking it too. Don't forget to visit the link for more Macrame options here!


Rattan Mirror Wall Decor

Rattan is a very classic material for bohemian style decoration, and can be used different style of furniture. These rattan mirrors will support your home's atmosphere mixed of modern and bohemian. In addition, with the soft color of the rattan material these easily adapt to every home, and these are ideal not only for living rooms but also for bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Here's Stunning Rattan Mirrors from Gallery Wallrus:

Yes, these mirrors are great enough for your walls, we know. But for more options, you can take a look at our two models too: Boho Mirror Wall Hanging and Bohemian Woven Round Mirror.


Boho Style Lightings

One of the most important factors creating the boho atmosphere in your home is absolutely lighting. Bohemian lighting is sometimes just a few candles. You can get amazing ambiances in your home with wonderful lightings, as well as go to a calm and warm atmosphere. That's your choice!

Here's Super Fashionable Lightings from Gallery Wallrus:

Aren't they so wonderful? We have more options similar to these lights, not all of them can be included in this list. You can have more Lighting options in here!


Seagrass Baskets

Seagrass baskets can work in a variety of decorative styles and color themes, but we really love them in boho homes! They works on getting warm the atmosphere of the home, and you catch the latest trend of interior design fashion in your home.

Here's Super Decorative Seagrass Baskets from Gallery Wallrus:

You can make more decorative touches by covering your plants that have already been grown in your home with these baskets. And also you can combine these beautiful seagrass basket with indoor plants or artificial plants. Check out our Artificial Plants here...


Boho Wall Murals

The boho decoration style is getting more popular day by day, and wall murals are a way to live that vibe at your home. Do you mostly think of creating a wall by using wall murals, but on the other hand afraid of doing this? There is nothing to be afraid of! Create a super cool boho walls with a custom-made wall murals. These stunning designs are made with ultra durable, long lasting, waterproof and mould-resistant, silky finish, canvas wallpaper. And they're so simple to install! 

Here's Super Cool Boho Style Wall Murals from Gallery Wallrus:

Do you need more wall mural models to decide? Please check out our Wall Murals here. And you have to take a look at "How to Order a Wall Mural" video before purchasing...


Decorative Vases

We have collected these glorious vases with strong design that you can fill with live or artificial dried plants and flowers. Vases are essential for decoration. They'll look great on dining tables, and also coffee tables.

Here's Glorious Boho Style Vases from Gallery Wallrus:

You can see in different colors and designs vases to find the most suitable one for your home style. To fill your vases, you can check out the Artificial Flowers here. And visit this link for more Vase options.

More Boho Style Products... 

We have shown all of the decoration products in boho style that you can use in your home except for your furniture in this listicle, do you still need more? We invite you to our homepage for all Gallery Wallrus products...

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