Coming soon

Want a Gallery Wall?  Come to Gallery Wallrus! 


We will be selling urban & bohemian collections to create your perfect gallery wall for your home or commercial space.  Our collections are completely original pieces, sourced and credited from amateur & professional artists and photographers and then digitally altered at Gallery Wallrus.  

One size 

Our prints our all exactly the same size, so our customers can mix and match and keep adding to their collections.  The artwork can be arranged symmetrically on the wall.  There is no messing around with different sized frames, trying to make them all fit like Tetris on your wall.... because who has got time for that!? 

P&P included 

All of our prints will be offered at the same price worldwide with P&P already built into the price, so no nasty surprises at checkout!  We are able to do this as we are collaborating with local printers in your country and district so there are no expensive shipping fees.