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Is there a type of image that you want but isn't available within our collections?  If so, please feel free to contact us at and we may be able to create a print especially for you!  We don't ask for any payment upfront and there is no obligation to buy it either.  We will simply create the image and load it to our website.  We will then send you the link and you decide if you want to buy it! 


Are you an artist or photographer and would like your work to be available at Gallery Wallrus? Please contact us at to receive our terms & conditions and royalty scheme details. Please note that most art or photography is modified by Gallery Wallrus but you can specify for it not to be modified if you wish. 



You don't need any Affiliate Marketing experience to become one of our Affiliate Representatives and start earning commission for promoting Gallery Wallrus.  If you have a blog or social media channels, or even if you would just like to recommend your friends then please sign up to the fastest, easiest affiliate program you can imagine!  Just enter your name and email within the link below:

Join the Gallery Wallrus Affiliate Program

Alternatively contact us at and we will sign you up from our end.  Either way, you'll receive a unique link to post online or send to friends, and access to other marketing tools immediately.  Then you can start promoting Gallery Wallrus and earn 10% of all purchases from customers who followed your link. 

Psst..... A couple of tips are that you can also act as an affiliate if you are already one of our artists, earning affiliate commission AND artist royalties simultaneously.  We also don't mind if you use your own affiliate link and receive commission on your own purchases!


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