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WE CREATED a complete guide to pairing Gallery Wallrus Art Prints with IKEA frames! 

Check out our global guide for IKEA framing with the Gallery Wallrus art prints...

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Interior Design Quizzes

Find your style with these cool image based quizzes or test your interior design knowledge. Check them out all on one page here....

10 Black & White Wall Art Designs to Get the Minimalist Look

Take a look at this black & white abstract wall art designs list, and find the one that fits your home's vibe best.  

5 Easy Ways to Design a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are here to stay, but let’s face it: your home is a unique space with its own charms and challenges. Here are five easy gallery wall styles, one of which is sure to fit the space you have in mind - not to mention your personal style. 

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10 Coolest Black & White Animal Art Designs

We have grouped black & white animal art prints for you, find the one that best fits your home's animalistic nature!  

How to Design a Gallery Wall to Match Your Home Decor Style

Your home is a reflection of you and your personal taste. Are you a creative type who loves colour, vintage or eclectic patterns and textures and unique furniture?

How NOT to Create a Gallery Wall

Not only do gallery walls can look amazing! However, they can sometimes go a bit wrong..... Check out the 3 biggest gallery wall design mistakes!

How to CORRECTLY Hang Wall Art

So you’ve decided on the art pieces you’d like to add on to your walls, to add character to your space…it’s been a long process, we know but we’re sure you weren’t ready for next daunting task you need to do…

Office and Company Wall Art Ideas: Creating an Inspired Space for Business

Adding a touch of art to office walls can be very rewarding. May it be a big office space or a home office, art can definitely help boost productivity in your business.


Why You Shouldn't Skip on Wall Art When Decorating

Long after the final coat of paint has dried on the walls and we see wall art treated as an afterthought...

3 Tips on Choosing The Right Wall Art Size For Your Walls

You’ve decided to redecorate, any designer will tell you that getting a wall art will enhance your room with color and style and will often become an eye catching focal point in a space.