How to Frame an Art Print: Your Ultimate Guide to IKEA Framing


SMALL Print Sizes

13x18 cm Frames (5x7 " )

If you know the size of your art print, look for frames in exatcly same size or larger. Use this Ikea 13x18 cm frames with 10x15 cm art prints to catch more fancy look with mount or use with 13x18 cm art prints without mount.

You can combine our art prints at very affordable prices with these modern frames, which are great in price. We have shared wall art prints for the child's room decoration. It has never been easier to create your own gallery wall! Don't forget to visit our web site for more wall art prints!

You can have a framed wall art for under $ 5, isn't it great? Get your frame at your local IKEA store, or order online and start filling the frames with our cheap and cheerful art prints! 

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20x25 cm Frames (7 ¾x9 ¾ " )

21x30 cm Frames (8x10 " )


MEDIUM Print Sizes

30x40 cm Frames (12x16 " )

40x50 cm Frames (16x20 " )


LARGE Print Sizes

50x70 cm Frames (19 ¾x27 ½ " )

61x91 cm Frames (24x35 ¾ " )

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