Top 10 Gallery Wall Art Theme Ideas


Vintage People Collections

Firstly choose your favorite vintage people art, then order in a range of sizes to make a really impressive gallery wall. These will create a vintage atmosphere in your bohemian home. 

You can create framed wall art galleries with consistent or mixed designed frames. Also, the color choices are entirely up to you, but we think it's nice to mess around with the colors and design

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Cozy Neutral Tones 

Neutral gallery walls can help balance out more colorful furniture, and also provide a cozy touch to an area in your home needing a bit of something interesting. No matter what the color is, neutral color tones are the best option to create a classic look to your home.

Order the entire set if you want, or create your own personalized gallery wall from a mixture of the artwork we've listed. You can combine these wall art prints with minimal frames from your local IKEA which will suit well to classic cool furnished homes.

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Funky Art Vibrations

Colorful and bold looks can be suitable for any kind of interior design style. Funky color wall art prints and pop art gallery walls will add life into your home. Each piece can be combined with another interesting art to create a vibrant mix of colors!

You can create small gallery walls by ordering in sets of two and three in medium sizes. Frame them from your local IKEA or homeware store. 

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Travel Destinations Inspirations

You can present recent photos from a great trip, or you have a collection of wonderful travel destinations tthat you haven't been yet. Maybe you just want to see lake view or beach vibes. Whatever you want, it will look great on your walls!

Get some holiday inspirations with these travel themed gallery walls! They are truly pleasing type of decor to add some colors on your walls. And also, that can be motivational to focus your energy...

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Funny Animalistic Designs

Eclectic touches in the animal world! The most popular wall art prints of nowadays are animal themed. With these amazing wall art prints, we would like to be guests of your home no matter what your style is...

A large size art print or a medium size triple set, that's your choice! But we think that instead of small sizes, medium and large sizes can be more suitable for gallery walls. Funny eclectic animal wall art prints will definitely make your walls more interesting!

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Classic Black & White Touches

Black and white art prints are perfect choice for a timeless and elegant gallery wall, because they are so cohesive and always look stylish. For a more interesting look, you can use with a range of print sizes. It works well in modern homes, and much more...

Another tip to keep in mind when designing your own gallery wall is the choice of frame. Use different shape frames to catch up more trendy look, or use minimal frames to live in a contemporary time. On the other hand wooden frames can make your gallery wall softer and less contemporary.

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Ethnic Patterns

How about a vintage look on your walls with these ethnic wall art prints? These patterns can be supported the vintage atmosphere in the home. And they are also suitable for bohemian decorated houses.

These wall art prints, which you can order in sets, will look great in bedrooms and hallways as well as living rooms. You can combine it with boho-style wall art prints and create stunning gallery wall arts in an interesting way. 

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Henri Matisse Artworks

Wouldn't you like to see the artworks of Henri Matisse, one of the greatest artists on your walls? A great option for creating gallery walls, these works will improve the ambiance of your home...

Combine these wall art prints that already contain cool, perfectly matched colors with minimal IKEA frames. Different styles of frames can also be used to create gallery wall arts are ideal for your eclectic homes.

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Abstract Minimalist Vibes

Minimalist interior design is one thing that we noticed all cool and elegant  homes have in generally. It's a super cool art collection that includes many abstract and also minimalist wall art prints. Ready to add an air of sophistication to your space?

Order in sets, or complete your home with a single large piece of wall art. Combining the mysterious world of abstract with the simplicity of minimalism, these wall arts will shine the contemporary spaces in your home.

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BONUS: Walk of Fame 

Feeling the Hollywood breeze on your walls... We have prepared a collection of pictures of two wonderful women who left their mark on a certain period. Besides the wall art prints, there are also metal wall signs. You can use both materials to create a mixed gallery wall...

Ideal for study rooms and living rooms. Color your gallery wall with a single color photo next to black and white photos. It is suitable for combining with minimal style black, white, or wooden IKEA frames. With its black and white colors, it will suit any interior design.

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